About Us

GOLDEN STARDOM Is a hub of ideas. A business leadership platform championed by a group of PROFESSIONALS from various Sectors, LEADERS From Religious and Political entities, CEO's of various brands. This platform is created to positively impact our world, and constantly raise great minds to Golden Stardom. It is a leverage for corporate bodies and individuals to power ideas.

Who We Are?

  • We are uncommon breeds, and distinct in nature.
  • We are a people with the breastplate of excellence.
  • We are purpose driven leaders of our time, bent on fulfilling our divine destiny.
  • We are a people with foresight, strength, energy and passion to thrive.
  • We are a people with great ideas, to positively influence our world, in our areas of gifting.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to positively impact our world, by raising great minds, nations, corporate and religious entities to Golden Stardom

VISION 2020:

This idea was birthed on the Mainland of Lagos Nigeria, on the 25th of January 2014. In the early hours of that fateful day, GOLDEN STARDOM sparked its STAR on planet earth with a light symbol, bringing great illumination to our world.

  • By 2015, this idea shall simultaneously run on the Mainland and Island of Lagos, respectively.
  • By 2016, this idea would be amalgamated to become state project.
  • By 2017, this idea would have gained National recognition and transformed all states of the federation.
  • This idea by 2020, would be a dream come true wherein our great nation "NIGERIA" would have risen to Golden Stardom, through our Global Impact.