Dr Augustine Onwumere, Chairman PWAN GROUP, was ceremonially honored NIGERIA KING OF REAL ESTATES, at the ongoing Economic Movement of Hope for Nigeria.

Some delegates of GOLDEN STARDOM, headed by Noble Eze Oluchukwu, recently Crowned his Distinct Personality as King, for his sustainable impact towards Humanity, as Mr Empowerment. His wealth of experience in Real Estates Business, with Large Network and credible Net-Worth, which affirms his capacity to graft Nigerians into Billionaires Network through investments in his Brands Products and Projects. He is involved to champion Economic Growth in Real Estates, at NIGERIA BILLIONAIRES BRAND SUMMIT.

Noble reiterates that the Virtual Summit involves 10 Major Sectors of Nigerias Economy, captured from the Acronym FORMIDABLE. Other captains of industries involved at the Summit are Dr. Cosmos Maduka, Ms. Emmanuel Winifred, Mr. Adedeji David Adeleke, Mr. Emeka Oguchi, Mr. Omoniyi Makun, Dr. Sowemimo Abiodun, Mr. Paulo Tuynman, Dr. Emeka Okonkwo, Mr. Goke Dele.

Dr. Augustine Onwumere commends the organizers Grit and Passion, to drive the Economic Movement of Hope for Nigeria. This allow participants across the Globe to connect live with him and other business Leaders in Nigeria. As such encourages Nigerians in Diaspora to acquire properties in Nigeria, to have heritage as Nigerians.

Find attached the fliers, for details of NIGERIA BILLIONAIRES BRAND SUMMIT.