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A progressive nation is sustained by great minds who take responsibility to explore golden ideas, invest in human capital and build legacy for next generation. Thereby restoring Hope for Humanity.

Who We Are

Our History

This idea was birthed on the Mainland of Lagos Nigeria, on the 25th of January 2014. In the early hours of that fateful day, GOLDEN STARDOM sparked its STAR on planet earth with a light symbol, bringing great illumination to our world. By 2015, this idea shall simultaneously run on the Mainland and Island of Lagos, respectively. By 2016, this idea would be amalgamated to become state project. By 2017, this idea would have gained National recognition and transformed all states of the federation. This idea by 2020, would be a dream come true wherein our great nation "NIGERIA" would have risen to Golden Stardom, through our Global Impact.

Our Projects


The Brand “NIGERIA” is a project worthy of investment. Our investments restores Hope for Nigeria and leaves Golden Legacy for next generation with sustainable growth and development. We put in perspective, Investments in Nigeria’s Human capital to boost her Corporate Image and increase the economic value of Nigeria. Movement of Hope for Nigeria aligns with […]

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Hope is restored to mankind because of the sacrifice JESUS paid on the cross of Calvary. This redemption birthed JESUS CUP NIGERIA. A Post-Easter football season, adopted to drive the Movement of Hope for Nigeria and celebrate the victory of Jesus amongst sixty four denominations in Nigeria, played within eight state of the federation. It […]

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In an era of Change, GOLDEN STARDOM launches football project tagged “NIGERIAN’S GOLDEN INDEPENDENCE CUP in a bid to incorporate industrial participation amongst various sectors in Nigeria, we are rebranding our Nation’s Independence Day celebration through football.

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Awakening The Golden Mind

Awakening The Golden Mind

A forum for mentors and protege to strongly bond through insight, while ideas are explored to positively impact our world. This is a leverage for Professionals, Leaders and CEO’s to synergistically create, polish and explore ideas.

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Upcoming Events

VICTORY CUP NIGERIA 2020: 60 Leaders flag off victory in Lagos State for Nigeria.

The emergence of the year 2020 came with Hope for Humanity. Organizations and individuals are involved in strategic goals, ideas and visions, to experience success and victory this year. The brand Nigeria is not far from the quest for success and victory. There is certainly Hope for Nigeria, as we adopt the right Mindset, Leadership […]

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VICTORY CUP 2020: Movement of Hope for Nigeria in Lagos State.

History is about to be made in the city of Lagos, as we PLAY! CONNECT!! CELEBRATE!!! @ VICTORY CUP A Novelty Match between TEAM CHRISTIAN LEADERS and TEAM POLITICAL/BUSINESS LEADERS. This Movement is strategically organized to leave an indelible mark of Golden Legacy for the Brand “NIGERIA” as we play football, connect with values and […]

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JESUS CUP NIGERIA (Movement of Hope for Nigeria)

It has been a progressive Movement of hope for Nigeria. Eight denominations have finally emerged among sixty four denominations involved at JESUS CUP NIGERIA, across Eight States of the Federation. Below are highlights of the Movement of Hope for Nigeria, towards the propagation of Christ Jesus. JESUS CUP NIGERIA leads to VICTORY CUP. VICTORY CUP […]

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Our Work Process

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact our world by raising great minds, nations, corporate and religion entities to golden stardom

Our Core Value is G.O.L.D.E.N




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