History is about to be made in the city of Lagos, as we


A Novelty Match between TEAM CHRISTIAN LEADERS and TEAM POLITICAL/BUSINESS LEADERS. This Movement is strategically organized to leave an indelible mark of Golden Legacy for the Brand “NIGERIA” as we play football, connect with values and celebrate our leaders.

Bishop Mike Okonkwo is Official Face of Christian Leaders at VICTORY CUP, based on victory of his football team at JESUS CUP in Lagos. H.E Babajide Sanwo Olu is Official Face of Political/Business Leaders, as Executive Governor of Lagos state.

These distinguished Leaders are enlisted based on their positive impact for Nigeria and outstanding investments in Nigeria’s human capital.

See list of Great Leaders involved in Lagos state.

A must watch NOVELTY MATCH as our leaders exhibit their football skills at the pitch. A leverage to build strong synergy between Christian Leaders, Political Leaders and Business Leaders, such that values are exchanged to further restore Hope for Nigeria.

These teams are scheduled to play friendly match ahead of the Novelty Game

The Organizing Committee for the Movement of Hope for Nigeria, headed by Noble Eze Oluchukwu have been able to establish formidable network with Ambassadors of GOLDEN STARDOM in other states of the federation, to create landmark impact of Hope for Nigeria.

There is #hopefornigeria